Circular Saw
LPS Series Vertical Plate Saw
Cutting capacities up to
236.25"L x 62.9"W x 47.2"H
Solid cast "C" frame design
Cast Meehanite band wheels
Fully automatic hydraulic blade tensioning
Infinitely variable electric speed
monitoring system
Input material support table
Performance in the Vertical Plane :
Set-up and Changeover Time Nearly Zero
LPS SERIES VERTICAL PLATE SAW: Powerful and accurate
The secret behind the LPS is engineering par excellence: the LPS panel cutting band saw cuts solid panels and blocks powerfully and accurately. The saw band is arranged vertically, guaranteeing peak performance and clean cuts along the entire length. Take a look yourself at the economy and flexibility of the LPS series - you are certain to be impressed.
STANDARD FEATURES: Well thought out machine concepts
The machine is extremely compact and, thanks to its practical modular structure, available in several variants. There is a suitable size for almost all applications. The LPS is available with a mobile saw frame or a movable mounting table. Behringer offers cutting heights up to 47.2" and table lengths for 39.4", 78.7", 118" and 157.5" long saw cuts as standard features. The LPS 40T model with a mobile mounting table is particularly suitable for making short cuts in small, compact blocks like those often used in tool-making.
OPTIONS: Clever features for your company
The machines of this series are not only available in a wide range of available equipment variants, they can also be tailored to your very own specific requirements:
Automatic feed control system
NC gripper feed unit for bar stock
Electro-magnetic material clamping
Laser-assisted material alignment
NC length measuring unit
Depth measuring device
Environmentally friendly micro-dosing unit for extremely accurate lubrication
Automatic positioning
Mounting table with
clamping devices for fixing
the material
Notching work with the LPS
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